Secure data and device interoperability standards for energy

Connecting data and devices from multiple vendors for easier operations

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The Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance (TEIA) is a global security and interoperability standard for the energy industry. It offers the entire energy ecosystem a security and trust model for building a new, interoperable energy system.

TEIA is founded by leading global energy providers and technologists

Energy interoperability for a more sustainable future

In response to this demand for device and data interoperability, we have formed TEIA, the Trusted Energy Interoperability Alliance, a global security and interoperability standard for the energy industry.

TEIA aims to create standards and agreed upon formats and protocols for secure and interoperable data communications within the energy system.

This energy alliance is offering the entire global energy ecosystem a security and trust model for building interoperable, digital-first energy systems that accelerate our path to decarbonization.

Challenges of connecting data and devices from multiple vendors

Energy companies operate OT/IT systems from multiple hardware and software vendors.

Because their interfaces and data streams are often proprietary and encrypted it is difficult to conduct day-to-day activities such as internal planning, operations, and maintenance. Optimizing asset and technology portfolios can be even more difficult, without a holistic view of key performance parameters.

As data flows from OT to IT (OT/IT convergence), security gaps arise and leave systems open to exploits by malicious actors and heightening the risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and data compromise.

Standardization for security and interoperability

Protect your investment and stay flexible.

Without standards for authentication and authorization, interoperability of secure systems, and compliance, energy companies run the risk of data breaches.

The market is open to standardization, allowing energy hardware manufacturers and software providers to control their businesses and sell products that are robust and interoperable.

Integrated security for the entire value chain

TEIA specifications define an architecture to support secure collaboration around data and IoT devices for the energy value chain. This includes protocols, APIs and security that are independent of underlying networking technologies and demonstrate zero-trust networking principles.

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